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A story of two soul mates not confined by gender, colour or creed. Brought together by tragic circumstances, Phoenix and Harriet make a promise to be bound together in this life and the next no matter what. That time may be coming sooner than they think.


Writer: Adi Alfa

Executive Producers: Adi Alfa, Shane Matthews

Director/s: Adi Alfa, Eric Myers

Assistant Directors: Nitin Lutchmun

Producer: Adi Alfa, Zina Alfa, Eric Myers

Adi Alfa as Phoenix
Alexandra Johnston as Harriet
Jay Sentrosi as Ray
Talia Beaufort as Young Phoenix
Brooke Ramsay as Young Harriet
Ophir Hackett as Carly
Nellie Freestone as Louise


Special FX Makeup: Alexia Seghiou

Sound: Adam Madeloso

Lighting: Adam Madeloso, Eric Myers

Drone Operator: Eric Myers

Music: Mafeo Matei

Media Worx
Mula Cake
Retina Films
Hubert & Calvin
Klub Grub

Friendzone - Winter Rose
Go - Ms Banks
Crazy - Crystal from Castaliah
Washed my love away - Crystal from Castaliah
I Blame you - Dere Marie
Danger - Leo Soulrhymaz
'Til Death - Adi Alfa

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